Join us for the 2nd annual ‘Caroling for a Cause’
Sunday, December 10, 2:30-4:00 p.m.
In front of Vail Mansion and Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen,
110 South Street, Morristown, N.J.
We are thinking of love this holiday season

Bask in the spirit of the season as carolers from a joint choir of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Church of Morristown provide a backdrop to the season of giving outside of the Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen on Sunday, December 10 from 2:30-4:00 p.m. The Morristown Cultural District is raising funds to support and bring the message of the One Love Foundation to students in Morristown in an effort to foster positive relationships among young people and prevent the verbal and physical confrontations that seems to appear daily within the news media. Hot chocolate and goodies will be available for attendees as well as information about One Love and their workshops to help promote healthy relationships. Those interested in making a donation to support the 2017 Morristown Cultural District cause can donate online when you CLICK HERE.

About the One Love Foundation:
One Love exists for one reason: Yeardley Love was killed and her death was avoidable if anyone in her life had truly understood the unhealthy and increasingly dangerous relationship behaviors they were seeing. At One Love, we believe that the more we know about how to identify and navigate healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, the less likely we will end up in abusive relationships.

We believe change is possible. The statistics around relationship abuse are daunting, but we believe they can be changed. By educating ourselves and starting the conversation in our communities about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, we are changing and saving lives.

We all deserve healthy relationships—but sadly, we all will experience an unhealthy one! One Love is empowering young people to improve their healthy relationship IQ for themselves and others; improving all our lives and changing the pipeline that leads to abuse.

A multi-layered education, awareness and movement-building campaign that surrounds young people with messages about healthy and unhealthy relationships in the classroom, the community and online. This all-encompassing approach will shape the next generation’s understanding of relationship abuse and shift community norms.

At One Love, we believe that the more we can identify and navigate healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, the less likely we will end up in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. Knowing that knowledge is key to avoiding tragedies, we empower people to understand that one conversation, one action and one person can make a difference and even save a life.